West has to deal with its Demons – sooner than later

Delegates of the OSCE conference

Many international surveys have documented that racism, discrimination, anti-Semitism, Romaphobia, homophobia and Islamophobia is very prevalent in the western countries.

Many politicians, media and people in the west not only vehemently deny the existence of these sicknesses but also often blame the victims of such practices.

Fortunately, there are enough progressive and humanistic groups and NGOs who are tirelessly working to deal with these issues. I meet such dedicated individuals regularly, both in Denmark and in the European countries.

In Vienna, there were a number of NGO representatives from all over the OSCE countries who gathered to discuss ways to stop torture, date misuse and discrimination and formulate concrete recommendations to OSCE countries, institutions and NGOs working with racism.

I just hope that sooner or later, the west would realise that it has to deal with the evil mindset, which nourishes prejudices and leads to ill treatment of ethnic and religious minorities.

Here are some photos from the event, which took place from 7-10 April 2014.

Bashy and Wiktor from LGBT organisation in Poland

Yuri making a point