The view of Islam: 8 out of 10 Danish Muslims are experiencing a deterioration of the situation

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Presentation by Media and politicians of Muslims is very one-sided and creates frustration, conclude researchers.

Danish Muslims and Islam’s role in Danish society has been part of the debate for decades. Among politicians and opinion makers, in feature articles and letters to the editors, social media and in newspaper headlines and breaking news on television, Islam is every where.

And there are indications that among the approximately 280,000 Muslims in Denmark, it is a strong feeling that the debate has assumed a very negative form.

Thus, in a poll conducted by research company Megafon for Politiken and TV2, 81 percent Muslims said that they are completely or largely agree that the perception of Islam and Muslims has deteriorated over the past 10 years.

The survey was conducted among 518 randomly selected Danish Muslims during the period February 20 to 23, 2017.
Such a large share of Danish Muslims who have this view, does not surprise Brian Arly Jacobsen, who researches the role of religion in the public space and integration among Muslims at Copenhagen University.
He sees a clear connection between the strong stereotypical image of Muslims in the public and the feeling of stigmatization.
“Danish Muslims are a social group that for nearly two decades has been in spotlight among politicians and debaters in the society. Representatives of the public often talk about the group as one whole, and often as root to one or more social problems, and it is quite natural that it greatly affects self-awareness among Danish Muslims, “he explains.…/Synet-p%C3%A5-islam-8-af-10-danske-mu…