My book from 1996; I am not a racist but —-, is still going strong

1997 was the European Year Against Racism and for the first time, concrete action was undertaken at EU level to combat racism, xenophobia and anti-semitism in partnership with the  European Parliament and the Member States.

The aim of the Year was to complement and support the efforts of all relevant national and European players, by encouraging cooperation and promoting visibility at EU level.

In Denmark, many NGOs were also involved in various activities to mark this important milestone.

I decided to do something unusual.

My book at the main library - 3.3.17

Due to my anti-racist work, I was often invited to speak at schools on the issue of racism and immigration. I soon noticed that there was no book about racism in school libraries at that time that young people could read and understand.

So in 1996, I wrote a book called; I am not racist but——. It was meant to be a book for school kids but I also noted that most libraries bought the book for their adult readers.

So, when I visited the Copenhagen Main Library on 3rd March 2001, I was pleasantly surprised to see that after 21 years, my book was part of an exhibition in the front hall.

I felt proud and happy. Sincere effort does bring results.