Is Danishness only for native Danes?


Denmark is one of the very few countries in the west, where nationalism is increasing at an alarming rate. After, 50 year’s presence of ethnic and religious minorities, Danes are still discussing; Who is a Dane and what Danish-ness means and most importantly; Can ethnic and religious minorities be Danes?

On 9th Feb 2017, anti-minority Danish Peoples Party once again pushed this argument in the Parliament to make a distinction between Danes and people from non-European background, in order to decrease the population percentage of minorities in the same neighbourhood.
Both the decision in the parliament and subsequent discussions in the media were heated and effected Danes and minorities very deeply.

My interview is with Alex Sabour who runs a advertisement agency and who made a 3 minutes’ video with some minority children. It is very touching and have been seen by 2.3 million viewers in s short time.

Listen to Alex speak about Danishness and you would understand, what democratic and humanistic society like Denmark has become.