Happy New Year

10153783_10152623523127075_9096714572079950064_nThe coming of the New Year would be celebrated by many with firecrackers, parties with friends, family members and loved ones.

But I am sure many of you would also reflect on the path, you have walked and by doing so would recollect the bittersweet memories of the year-gone bye, pleasant relations and friendships formed or suffered heartaches and pain.

Since this is an unavoidable part of life, growing up as decent human beings and experiencing the vibrations of higher forces, this natural process no doubt has enriched you all.

From my side, I whole-heartedly thank you all for the love, affection, criticism, appreciation and scolding, you bestowed upon me. This has certainly given me many great moments of connecting, discussing and exchanging views and learning form all of you.

May the New Year fulfill all your desires, wishes and bring you fulfillment, peace and love.

So please keep in touch, do comment and stay blessed.

Love and fond wishes

From a Snowy Copenhagen