Dutch Far Right Candidate Geert Wilders Performs Worse Than Expected In Key Election

A good news for progressive Europeans and a slap on the face of haters and Islamophobs.


The Netherlands’ election was the first big test of 2017 for Europe’s right-wing populist movement.

By Eline Gordts , Nick Robins-Early

The Netherlands’ incumbent Prime Minister Mark Rutte will win the Dutch election, preliminary results indicate, dealing a decisive blow to the far right Party for Freedom of Geert Wilders.

Two exit polls released at the end of a long election day predict Rutte’s VVD is expected to remain the Netherlands’ biggest political party, more than 10 seats ahead of the Party for Freedom.

“It appears that the VVD will be the biggest party in the Netherlands for the third time in a row,” Rutte told supporters in the Hague. “It is also an evening in which the Netherlands after Brexit, after the American elections said stop to the wrong kind of populism.”

Two exit polls predict the VVD of will end up with 31 of 150 seats in Parliament, 10 seats less than it currently holds. Three parties are expected to come in next with 19 seats ― the far-right Party of Freedom, the Christian-Democrats of the CDA and the progressive D66 Party. The labor-oriented PvdA suffered a historic defeat and is set to lose up to 29 seats. The GreenLeft party is set to book some of the largest gains in the vote, up over 10 seats from the previous election.